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Your team of two will be dropped off on a private 48 acre island in the middle of the Waccamaw River. You are allowed to wear a swimsuit but no shoes or other type of clothing. There will be 5 survival items (a flint, a pot, a machete, a tarp & fishing gear) hidden in various locations on the island. Can you survive for 48 hours to win the $300 prize? Will you spend the majority of your  time searching for items or building a shelter or foraging for food?

If either team member chooses to quit or is unable to stay on the island for the full 48 hours you forfeit any prize money and the challenge is over. If both teams members abide by the given rules and stay on the island for the full 48 hours your team will win $300!

Your team will be filmed at drop-off and intermittenly during safety checks throughout the 48 hour adventure. The footage may be used on our website and social media pages for marketing purposes.

Do you have what it takes to last 48 hours on the island?

Watch videos of our previous 24 hour challenge:

Meg & Finley: August 12, 2022

Bryt & Rae: August 21, 2022

Castaway Challenge Application


Thanks for submitting your application.

48 Hour Castaway Challenge Rules & Information

- Each team of two must include at least one female.
- Both participants must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID.
- Each participant will only be allowed to wear a swimsuit. No other clothing items are allowed; such as but not limited to: socks, shoes, hats, sunglasses, shirts, etc.
- The team will be dropped off on a secluded area of a private 48 acre island in the middle of the Waccamaw River. The team must stay together and stay within the marked area of the island during the entire 48 Hour Challenge.
- No cell phones or contact with another human being is allowed except for the camera person that will be filming the team at intervals during the challenge.
- On the island there will be the following items hidden for your team to try and find: one pot, one flint, one machete, one tarp & fishing gear. No shelter, water or food is provided.
- Each player must carry a GPS tracker and 2-way communication device at all times for safety reasons.
- Each team must pay $150 in advance to participate. The 48 Hour Challenge will start at the time your team is dropped off on the island. IF your team complies with all the rules and lasts the full 48 hours on the island your team will receive a refund of your $150 plus an additional $150.
- A participant can choose to be removed from the island at any point by using the provided communication device and the challenge will end.
- River Island Adventures reserves the sole right to determine who may or may not participate in the challenge. Please send an email to with your participants names & ages, desired date to do the challenge and your desired additional item to bring for each participant. Once your team and challenge date is approved you will then need to book online and email us a copy of your driver's license and a picture of your team for marketing purposes.
- Each participant must submit a signed waiver of liability and a video statement acknowledging the inherent risks of this activity which includes but not limited to: no food or water provided, potential threats from wildlife, no shelter, potential weather related incidents (heat, rain, lightning, freezing temperatures), insect bites and stings, scrapes, scratches, cuts and bruises, etc.

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