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For those familiar with my story, my vision for River Island began with a trip to the Edisto River Treehouses with my best friend 7 years ago. I came back from that trip determined to open a business giving people the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience with the great outdoors; whether it be playing a SURVIVOR-style game on an island or spending the night in a treehouse. It has been quite a journey with plenty of trials and tribulations, but God has blessed me with great opportunities and amazing people along the way. We have reached the point to start building the long awaited treehouses on the island and we are excited to be able to offer an opportunity to our loyal friends to be a part of our Treehouse Project!

TreeHouse #1 Grand Opening Early 2023

Coming soon, information on how you can:

  • be one of our first guests

  • have naming rights to a treehouse

  • stay or rent out multiple weeks per year

  • choose the theme of a treehouse

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